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RG Mining Investments Inc.

RG Mining Investments Inc. (RGMI) is a full service management company, which provides management, finance and accounting, corporate secretarial, and administrative support to small and mid-cap mineral exploration and mining companies.

RGMI has a total of $91.9 million of market capitalization under management.

The professional team at RG Mining Investments Inc. (“RGMI”) bring years of expertise in all facets of the mining industry to our clients. With in-depth knowledge of the sector from mineral exploration and project valuation to Canadian public company finance reporting and regulatory issues, RGMI can seamlessly manage and guide companies from the private stage, through the going public transaction phase and then as a publicly listed reporting issuer.

In addition to providing a wide range of financial reporting and corporate secretarial services, RGMI’s founders have personal relationships with most of the mining investment banks in Canada. Especially in the case of foreign entities not based in Canada, RGMI can liaise and interface as the corporate contact for your listed company in Canada.

  RGMI Managed Group of Companies
  BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc.
  Midlands Minerals
  Caracara Silver Inc.
  Ferrum Americas Mining Inc.